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Delivering a mission-critical russian presence

Delivering a mission-critical russian presence


Comverse is the leading provider of software and systems that enable multimedia value added services (VAS) in wireline and wireless networks. Comverse has nearly two decades of experience helping service providers achieve their business goals through the deployment of enhanced telecommunication services. Over 400 wireline and wireless network operators in more than 100 countries around the world rely on the company’s expertly-crafted service solutions.


  • Comverse wanted to build on success in Russia
  • Diverting resources risked disrupting company’s plans for expansion
  • Demand from local operators required established local partner


  • Competence centre created to address requests from local operators
  • Reksoft worked directly with Comverse customers
  • Reksoft committed to supporting Comverse’s expansion


  • Comverse customers benefit from Reksoft’s expertise in its products
  • Comverse enabled to expand its business without delays or diversions
  • Time to market reduced and customer service improved

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